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Date de pré-production : hiver 2001
Date de production : mai 2001
Post-production : juin 2001
Diffusion :

  • en Israël : 8 janvier 2002
  • en France : "Cavale sans pitié", le 27 février 2003 
  • en DVD (USA) : 24 juin 2003

Budget alloué : 2,4 millions de dollars
Genre : action, thriller
Principaux interprètes :

Dean Cain..............................Simon Tate
Brian Bosworth.......................Steven
Mimi Kuzyk.............................Diana Holt
Nigel Bennett.........................Senator Karnes
Richard Donat.........................Karl Dean

Producteur exécutif : George Shemieh
Réalisé par : Bryan Goeres
Tourné à : Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada

L'histoire :  Dans un collège de la Nouvelle-Angleterre, un médecin conduit des recherches sur des jeunes gens atteints du VIH et obtient des résultats très prometteurs : à peine quelques mois après avoir commencé à prendre une série de médicaments, les malades voient leur santé s'améliroer et le VIH disparaît de leur organisme. Une grande compagnie pharmaceutique a vent des recherches et voit le projet comme une menace.  Elle décide d'éliminer la concurrence et envoie un espion , Steven (Brian Bosworth) qui se charge de tuer le médecin et les étudiants qui ont participé aux études clinqiues, pour effacer toutes les preuves. Suite à la mort du médecin, un ami à lui, Simon Tate (Dean Cain), un ami journaliste et ancien joueur de football déchu, enquête sur la mort de son ami car les circonstances entourant son décès sont suspectes.  Il découvre alors que la mort "accidentelle" n'en est pas une et le secret entourant les recherches de son ami pourraient être très lourdes de conséquences.


Cain, Bosworth film TV in Halifax newsroom

Halifax Herald
HALIFAX -- Instead of tackling running backs, former NFL star Brian Bosworth is in Halifax tacklingmovie lines.

Wearing black leather and a menacing look, the strapping former middle linebacker with the Seattle Seahawks was in The Herald newsroom Saturday evening dressed to kill.

"I'm taking out the editor," says Bosworth during an interview before filming a scene.
He is playing a heavy in the independent, made-for-television action flick Phase IV, which began filming in Halifax last month and wraps up next week.
The movie stars Dean Cain, of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman fame, who plays the hero.
Set around a fictitious New England College, Mr. Cain plays the friend of a doctor who has discovered the cure for AIDS and is testing the drug on students.
But a pharmaceutical company that stands to lose a fortune if the disease is cured wants the doctor and his project dead.
And that's when Mr. Bosworth, who plays Steven, comes to town.
After the doctor dies, Mr. Cain, who plays Simon Tate, a washed-up football star and graduate journalism student, begins to investigate his friend's murder.
In the end, he reveals the plot behind the executions and he kills Mr. Bosworth's character.
"He was making fun of me a couple of days ago when he was killing me," Mr. Bosworth said.
"I told him I usually play the good guy . . . I always get to kiss the girl and he got a kick out of that," Mr. Bosworth said.
When he was first approached about the project, Mr. Bosworth misunderstood and thought with his football background he was supposed to play the hero.
"I've never played a heavy before," he said.
This project comes right on the heels of a one-season stint with the now defunct Xtreme Football  League (XFL).
After leaving Halifax, Mr. Bosworth says he'll head home to California where he will undergo his 13th shoulder operation.
It is a shoulder injury which ended his career with the NFL more than a decade ago.
And he will probably be recovered from that operation before Phase IV is released.
The film's producer expects it will be six months to a year before the public gets to see it.
"We've done quite a few of these," Frank Gardner said.
But don't look for Phase IV on the silver screen. It will most likely be on the TV screen instead.
"It'll probably be on a cable channel or HBO and probably it'll go theatrical overseas," said the film's director, Brian Goeres.
Mr. Goeres' past work includes several episodes of L.A. Heat.
Relatively young for a director at 31, Mr. Goeres says he went to the film school of hard knocks.
"I've worked on various film sets as an assistant director," he said.
"But I started out fetching coffee."
Mr. Gardner would not say what kind of budget he has to work with.
"It's not a studio picture, let's put it that way. The big studios will come in a spend $40-50 million and we definitely don't have that much," he said.
And the big studio pictures which have been filming in town like The Shipping News, which also filmed at The Herald, are giving other productions a lot of competition when it comes to local crews and talent.
"It's made it kind of tough," Mr. Gardner said.

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