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Date de pré-production : été 2003
Date de production : 8 septembre au 24 octobre 2003
Date de diffusion : France : disponible à la location depuis mai 2005 chez sous le titre ''Un chien en or''
DVD (Canada & États-Unis): 4 avril 2006
Dean est : Theodore Maxwell
Genre : film pour la famille
Principaux interprètes :

Dean Cain................................Theodore Maxwell
Laurie Holden...........................Marge Maggs
Tim Curry................................Caspar Pennington
Jennifer Tilly.............................Dolores Pennington
Max Baker................................Don Donald
Jon Lovitz................................voix de Bailey

Dirigé par : David Devine
Écrit par : Mary Walsh et Heather Conkie
Tourné à : Toronto et Hamilton, Canada
Site officiel :
Budget : 10 millions $

L'histoire : Bailey raconte l'histoire d'un chien se nommant Bailey (Jon Lovitz lui prête sa voix) qui ne peut être entendu que par son maître, Ted Maxwell, un expert du comportement d'animaux milliardaire. Suite au décès de ce dernier, Bailey hérite de sa fortune, semant la consternation et la surprise dans la famille, qui essaient par différents stratagèmes de mettre la main sur la fortune.  Bailey finit par être enlevé et c'est à une jeune fille, Samantha, et à son chien, Tessa, de faire la lumière sur sa disparition.

Faits intéressants : production en partenariat entre le Canada et le Royaume-Uni, chapeauté par Disney

  • Les Cinéplex Odéon ont montré leur intérêt pour diffuser le film au Canada.
  • Le film a été présenté en ouverture au Festival de Cannes 2004, le 13 mai.

Dean Cain Talks to Dogs
Sun, Sep 07, 2003, 10:09 PM PT
By Mike Szymanski

TORONTO ( -- Dean Cain spent this weekend keeping an eye out for a Labrador that's staying in one of the city's most fancy hotels.

"I ask, 'Bailey, is that you?' every time I see a dog being walked out of the Four Seasons or one of these hotels," Cain tells "You see, they have to keep the dog up in a hotel, it's in his contract."

On Monday (Sept. 8), Cain is beginning work in Toronto on his new Disney film "Bailey," where he plays a Dr. Dolittle type of character who can talk to his dog (voiced by Jon Lovitz).

Cain is wearing a different hat than the one for the character he's promoted this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival in "Out of Time," (opening Oct. 3) where he plays a wife-beating creep who's being closely watched by the police chief (Denzel Washington) in a small Florida town.

"Yeah, I don't think my characters could be any more different," laughs Cain. "But I'm glad it's going to be a movie my son can see."

Cain is looking forward to his 3-year-old son arriving Monday, too and coming on the set with him. After appearing on TV's "Lois and Clark" for years as Superman, Cain says he's trying to shed is squeaky clean image by taking film roles like this sleazy bully in "Out of Time" and as a randy gay football player in "Broken Hearts Club," which premiered at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.

Carl Franklin, who directs Cain in "Out of Time," says the TV star's real-life personality is far closer to his character in the thriller than his notable TV role. "He's really more like this character in the movie, except for the criminal parts," Franklin tells Zap2it.

Washington says, "We had a scene that was very confrontive and he held his own."

Cain appears bearded and scruffy in "Out of Time," and is so unrecognizable that when Washington's friend Lenny Kravitz came on the set he said, "Hey, where'd you find that Cuban guy, he's good?"

Now clean shaven again, with a bit of an Elvis-style flip in his hair, Cain smiles wide when hearing that story and flashes his white teeth, saying, "That's the greatest compliment I could ever have received, I'm going to go out and buy more Lenny Kravitz albums."

When shooting the film in south Florida, Cain remembers being stopped a lot and told that he looked like that Superman guy. He'd answer, "Yeah, I get that a lot, but he's bigger and better looking than me."

Right now, he's finished with the film festival, and he's ready to meet his new co-star -- the dog -- and to see if the canine has better accommodations than him.

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