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Transcription by : Lilia Procosheva (Facebook)


YouTube interview of Dean Cain discussing "The Choice".

TMZ: We have an awesome guy who's here on TMZ alot, umm, who's joining us right now via Skype, and he's one of the guys who's going to be auditioning a prospective date on "The Choice." First of all, don't you ever age?

Dean: (Laughs) I try not to Harvey. You don't age, look at you.

Harvey: Yeah, not so Dean.

TMZ: Umm, so first of all I'm assuming you're in Malibu right?

Dean: Yes, I'm at home.

TMZ: You never leave Malibu?

Dean: Not if I, not if I can help it.

TMZ: I can understand that Dean. So what motivated you to join "The Choice?"

Dean: Well, you know, I wouldn't normally do a dating show, but this show is fun, it's a lot of fun. Let's be honest, it's like a bunch of guys in a bar, you're going to be looking at a bunch of girls anyway, right? You're going to be talking about them. Umm, this is just a more organized version of that same thing. There's 4 guys, and we sit in chairs, and they picked some pretty good guys for this show. Umm, I was on with, I think Ndamukong Suh, a Lineman for the Detroit Lions; uhh, Tyson Beckford is a beautiful guy, and this Dr. Robert (Nettles) guy who does a lot of Rhinoplasty I guess.

TMZ: So, do they have red chairs?

Dean: He might know some of the girls.

TMZ: So red chairs?

Dean: I'm sorry? No, no, the chairs are not red but they're multi-colored. Very similar to "The Voice", and they spin around, and the whole nine yards. Umm, so the format's kind of similar, but you have to listen to these girls' voices first, and hear what they have to say, then you turn around and you can see them.

TMZ: I don't know if you know this, umm, but Eli Roth, his very first job, he was a phone sex operator and he impersonated a woman.

Dean: (laughs)

TMZ: And nobody knew.

Dean: I knew I recognized that voice!

TMZ: So without giving it away, I don't know if you can say this, did you turn your chair around?

Dean: I turned my chair around. The thing is you can pick three to be on your team, and then you start to whittle it down. So I turned my chair around quite a bit.

TMZ: Were you ever suprised?

Dean: yes

TMZ: Were you pleasantly suprised every time?

Dean: Everytime, no...

TMZ: (laughs) Well, that's just like life then.

Dean: Yes sir, a couple of times I was pleasantly suprised.

: Umm, a genius named Mike Darnell, who runs Fox Reality, umm, is behind this. I don't even know this, but you can't even argue it because I know it, there are going to be a couple of really good looking women, and then there's going to be one who is anything but, and he's mixing it in that way, and I know that's what Mike did. You don't even have to tell me. I know that is what Mike did.

Dean: (laughs) Mike threw a few curveballs, but generally I have to say it's pretty high quality, it was pretty interesting, and I'll be honest, I had a great date.

TMZ: So you actually went out on a date?

The same day you go on a date. It's no joke, it's for real.

TMZ: Did the shoot the date?

Dean: The shot the date.

TMZ: Umm, did you go out again?

Dean: Did not. Can't say, can't say anything about that yet.

TMZ: Did not or can't say?

Dean: I can't say. You're such a lawyer. I just shot the show actually, 2 days ago, so...

TMZ: I just want to catch somebody from Princeton in an in-consistency.

Dean: (laughs) You caught me.

TMZ: There you go.

Dean: I just shot the show so I haven't had a chance to go out again, but I bet you I do.

: Oh really?

Dean: I bet, I bet that happens.

Ok Dean, listen, thank you again. I've never been really able to talk to you, but we get you on the show alot so umm, you're awesome.

Dean: Well, I appreciate it. I love this show, you guys have always been fair to me, so I appreciate it.

TMZ: Ok man.

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