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Projets de Dean Cain

Filmé les : 4, 5 et 6 mai 2012

Diffusion de l'épisode : 12 juillet 2012

Genre : téléréalité

Durée : épisode de 1 heure

Principaux interprètes :

Cat Deeley..........................animatrice

Concept de la série : Dans chacun des épisodes, quatre vedettes prennent place dans des chaises pivotantes et écoutent des gens ordinaires vendre leur salade en échange d'un rendez-vous doux. Après chacune des trois rondes, les participants sont invités en tête-à-tête avec chacune des célébrités jusqu'à ce que chaque célébrité fasse un choix pour la soirée. Pendant la première partie de l'émission, les célébrités écoutent les candidats vanter leurs méritent et dire pourquoi ils devraient les choisir.  Chaque vedette doit choisir 3 candidats.  Les candidats ont une conversation en tête-à-tête éclair avec les vedettes et au bout de 2 rondes éliminatoires, chaque candidat va en tête-à-tête avec sa vedette.


Pour l'épisode avec Dean Cain : Les quatre vedettes sont : Dean Cain (acteur) NFL Ndamukong Suh (joueur dans la NFL), Tyson Beckford (mannequin) et Dr. Robert Nettles (chirurgien esthétique). Dans l'épisode où Dean Cain est apparu, seul une vedette et sa candidate ont eu suffisamment d'affinités pour poursuivre une relation.  Et non, ce ne fut pas Dean Cain :(

Faits intéressants : Six épisodes compteront des vedettes masculines et une seule pour les femmes.

What Dean Cain said about what he searches in a woman in The Choice and his perfect first date

Transcription by Stacy Dubé

Pour la vidéo, cliquez ici./For the video, click here.

My name is Dean Cain. I'm un-employed (smiles). I'm an actor. I met with the guys and they came up with the concept and they said "This is what it is," and they explained it to me; and I said "You know what, this is like a regular Saturday night isn't it?" (laughs) No, it's just a really fun show, and umm, I think it's, I think it's, you know, no one really gets hurt in this, and it's just, it's fun, it's a lot of fun, and I think a lot of people are going to watch it, so, why would I not come on this, what am I crazy? What single batchelor wouldn't go on this show?

I don't have a clue, I have no idea. I'm gonna listen to what they have to say. I think the audience is gonna tip me off as to how they look, and I'm going to trust my audience. I don't have a plant in the audience; I should've brought my buddy with me, but that was just a colossal mistake by me, but umm, I'll play it fair. I'll see what happens, and uh hopefully they'll say some things that are interesting and catch my attention, and then I'll know who I'm picking.

I'm a wonderful father, and that's why, that's how I describe myself first and foremost, so that in itself is a quality I suppose. I'm kind, umm, and I'm uh very giving. I go with those three. I look for someone who is kind. I do appreciate that. Someone who isn’t real pretentious, and isn't real judgmental on other people; and, umm, someone who's very intelligent, and I like a bright, positive demeanor. I think that's important. I think the thing that's gonna tip me off to pull that handle is gonna be the audience's reaction. It could be nothing more than that. I don't know. Maybe someone's going to sound very intelligent. It's hard with 30 seconds in front of 500 screaming people to be calm and say the right thing, so I don't, you know; I'll take that into consideration. I have no idea. I'll tell you after the show what made me pull the lever.

My date for this is going to be a picnic and to have a little wine tasting, so that may be it right there. I really have no idea yet. It's completely subjective, it depends on the individual, and umm, I really don't know, but no stress. You know, I don't need to be jumping out of airplanes or anything, that isn’t a great first date. Going to see a movie is nice except that you know you're watching a movie and you aren’t really talking to somebody; umm, so for me the date would just be something really mellow and having some wine and food, and sitting someplace pretty whether it's on the beach in Spain or you know, in Malibu, or in Agoura Hills, wherever, just with the right person, it doesn't matter what you're doing really.

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