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Pré-production :
Dates de tournage :
Diffusion anticipée : 17 juin 2012, à 20h, sur la chaîne américaine Hallmark

Genre :
Principaux interprètes

Dean Cain.......................................Griff

Kristy Swanson................................Janet

Galadriel Stineman............................Kim

Alec Gray........................................Ollie

Écrit par : Neal H. Dobrofsky & Tippi Dobrofsky

Réalisé par : Bradford May

Produit par : Larry Levinson
Tourné aux : États-Unis d'Amérique
Budget :

L'histoire : TJ Carson est un colonel de l'armée qui revient à la maison en congé de mission pour deux mois.  Il considère se retirer de la vie militaire s'il n'est pas promu général. Il découvre avec appréhension qu'il a de la difficulté à s'acclimater à sa nouvelle vie civile. Pour aider son époux à trouver une nouvelle vocation à sa vie, elle lui demande de lui donner un coup de main pour travailler à la boulangerie.  Son nouveau rôle n'est pas aussi facile qu'il le croyait et la situation commence à se corser.  Il prend ses nouvelles responsabilités avec sérieux, mais la boulangerie se transforme en zone de combats et une bourde envoie presque le commerce en fumée.  Frustrée, sa femme Janet le menace de couper définitivement les ponts s'il ne s'ajuste pas.  Refusant de baisser les bras, Griff est déterminé à montrer à sa famille qu'il est prêt à être un père à temps plein, sinon il devra faire face à une vie militaire bien solitaire.

Site officiel : http://www.hallmarkchannelpress.com/pr/operationcupcake

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A SALUTE: Dean Cain says he's getting a particular kick out of playing an Army colonel in his currently-shooting "Operation Cupcake" TV movie because it's a part that's in line with a family tradition. "I have a lot of military in my family and have enormous respect for men and women in uniform, so this is a great thing for me," says Cain, who rose to fame as the Superman of the 1990s.

According to Cain, his grandfather was a commander in the Navy, his uncle a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. "I've been out to Iraq with our troops. I've visited them all around here. I'll do anything I can, charity-wise, to support them — the Wounded Warrior project.

Those guys — those men and women — are amazing, and I can't do enough to support them," he says.

As you no doubt deduced from the title, Cain's character isn't going to be seen in the middle of a war zone. "My character has missed a lot of his kid's life because he's always been away on deployment. So he's back for a couple of months, and he's considering whether to be promoted to a general or to leave the military," says Cain. "It's really about a guy coming back and trying to get back into a family." Kristy Swanson also stars as Cain's wife.

In his real life, Cain is the devoted father of Christopher, 11, who sometimes travels with him to film locales — and in consideration of whom he likes doing family-friendly fare. "My son is perfect, wonderful. He's so tall and so funny and so sweet. He's such a good boy," Cain extols. "I'm more proud about being his Dad than anything in the world. He just got his report card, and it was really good, so I'm very happy."

MEANWHILE: "Operation Cupcake" is among nine original movies that the Hallmark Channel plans to air during the first half of 2012, and Cain was among the stars on hand the other night for the elegant sit-down dinner hosted by Crown Media Networks for visiting press at the Pasadena, Calif., landmark Tournament House, the official home of the Tournament of Roses. Also, there were names including Steven Weber, Luke Perry, Candace Cameron Bure, Jane Seymour, Jamie Kennedy, Valerie Harper, Vivica Fox, Joely Fisher and the gorgeous Stacy Keibler, a.k.a. George Clooney's girlfriend, who is not one of those tall women who wears flats to downplay her height.

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