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Pré-production : 2010
Dates de tournage : 1er juin au 1er juillet 2010
Diffusion : en DVD (USA) : déplacé au 24 janvier 2012

Genre : thriller

Principaux interprètes

Dean Cain................................Michael

Christie Ann Burson..................Sarah

Michael Madsen........................Vito

Jessica Duffy............................Amber

Écrit par : Michael Legge

Réalisé par : Brian Skiba

Durée : 88 minutes
Tourné à : Phoenix, Arizona (États-Unis d'Amérique)
Budget : 1 000 000 $

L'histoire : Michael, un homme qui n'a rien à se reprocher, fait monter une belle autostoppeuse dans sa voiture, Sarah.  Ce dernier se rappellera toute sa vie de sa balade en voiture alors qu'il se voit lié malgré lui à une histoire d'amour, de mensonges et de déception, tout en ayant à répondre à un magnat du crime, Vito.

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Une entrevue des Massie Twins avec les acteurs

La première a eu lieu au Festival des films de Phoenix, le 2 avril 2011.


Gone With The Twins News


First, we caught up with star Dean Cain to ask him a few questions about his involvement in the film.

The Massie Twins: Can you give us a quick intro into your character and tell us what drew you to this project?

Dean Cain: Yeah. The same way you always get involved – you read a script, think it’s interesting, look at the character, look at the piece and think it could be fun. The character’s name is Michael and he’s an editor and a stay-at-home kinda guy and doesn’t do too much or anything too crazy. He picks up a beautiful young hitchhiker on the side of a desert road and his life gets topsy-turvy from that moment on.

MT: Considering where we are, there must be some bank stuff going on. A heist perhaps?

DC: There’s some gangster stuff (we filmed a lot of that yesterday), but what I’m involved in is more psychological, with my character in a situation where he has to figure a lot of things out. Today is a lot of establishing shots in the bank, but also a surprising moment when I discover she’s under 18 (laughs). So you’ll see a few boring things today, but it’s a really fun script (laughs).

MT: How did you prepare for this role? Is it something you associated with and fell into naturally?

DC: I think every character you play, there’s a little bit of yourself in it. I love editing and this guy’s an editor. I live a pretty exciting life, although this guy leads a fairly bland life.

MT: Well that’s cool to say! Life for you in reality is more exciting than a fictional character in a movie!

DC: Yes! And when he sees this girl on the side of the road and picks her up, there’s a little danger, a little excitement and then a little hell. That’s why she has a black widow tattoo on her lower back.

MT: Do you find yourself gravitating toward any particular genres?

DC: Depending on the character and the piece, I like to do everything. I’ve got a wide variety of films coming out, including family dramas and an anti-war epic. I like to bounce around. I’m actually flying home tonight to coach my son’s football game tomorrow and then flying back to finish shooting here. It’s a matter of me working hard and these guys being accommodating. That’s the hard part of being an actor – there are parts of life that I really don’t want to miss. My life the last ten years has been a balance between work and being a very present father. It’s how my dad worked and I felt that he was always there, and I want my son to feel the same way. I want to give him that security.

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