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Télé Loisirs 7 jul. 2001


With Dean Cain (Max Hooper), Dale Godboldo (Vinnie), Richard Tyson (Paul Brody),Vanessa Angel (Beth Hooper), Clay Donohue Fontenot (Firefighter Winston).

The story : On a night after all employees have left work, the cleaning abd security teams take over their usual positions in a tall building.  At the 37th floor, two young and ambitious workers stay to work.  Suddenly, at the 12th floor, a fire starts buring and is followed by an explosion.

Our opinion : It's a remake of the ''The Towering Inferno'' series, that, without atteigning the same dramatic intensity, is a lot more realistic in the scenes where the fire burns, because the special effects are excellent.




Télé 7 Jours, Juil. 2001


American telefilm by Harris Done (2001), 1:35

Scenario by Diane Fine & Richard Preston Fr


The subject : An excellent thief, used by the secret services without him knowing it, finds himself trapped in a building on fire.  People with him discover he robbed an enterprise's technonological secre, he stills help the survivers, and its real traitor, to escape the flames.

If you have missed the beginning : Max, the acrobat, and Vincent, the sugar maniac, work together.  They are a real artist duo, minus the violence.  Vincent is the brain and takes cares of the technical details, while Max is the body of the operation.  After 3 years in jail and another big case, Max is contacted by the FBI for a 3 million dollars contract for 3 days' work.  meanwhile, he goes visit his wife Beth and their girl Rebecca.  Remorseful for his 3 years of absence, Max brings them a big stack of money that Beth refuses.  The following day, he parks a brand new 4x4 in front of the house.

Disguised as a Las Angeles police officer, Max Hooper goes to the headquarters of the society where he is supposed to rob a revolutionary electronic chip, but this technology has already been spotted by the asiatics members of the company.  There is even talk of leaks concerning this technology.  The boss, Jack Galloway, gathers all of his collaborators to announce to them they will be watched closely.

Our opinion : We can't get stop thinking about the famous ''The Toweing Inferno'' looking at this flick, and this one doesn't miss any action and doesn't take itself to seriously.  We think it's the cool effect produced by Dean Cain, the Superman of the ''Lois & Clark'' series.



Télé 7 jours, 1 sept. 2001

French touch at Ibiza

During the 1960's, a group of belgian billionaires and the hippie style arrived on Ibiza.  Since then, the jet set present there opened private night clubs in their own houses, and a certain number of hippies have stayed in this little piece of heaven, while others went back where they came from. This summer, the Ibiza pulse plays rythm with techno music and finds itself relaxing on the decks of huge yatchs.  In the waiting lines, the young campers get mixed with Robert DeNiro followed by Kylie Minogue, that seemed tired of not getting recognized, eventually went away.

Representing the French people, the Guetta, from Les Bains, Paris, have decided to show their colors on this techno planet.  The''F*** me I'm famous'' given at the Pacha Club has been a triumph, where 8 000 people, locals, outsiders, the VIPs and everyone in between have stayed up and danced until 8 AM before hiting the Space terrace.  This is wehere the adventure of the French folks started back in 1995, where 500 people attended the event.

After that, they organized the first Laurent Garnier concert at the Amnesia, where, Martin, the boss, finally pushed the scene at the side to double the space for the dancers. He didn't know that Cathy had that much resources and that David had that much talent. Their song ''Just a little more love'' has since reached the first position on the charts, while we are waiting for their first album.

The couple, that absolutely only invites French DJs have invited Bob Sinclair, Dan Guenacia, Bel Amour and Jean-Édouard.  [...]


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