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Mai 1996/May 1996

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Superhunk Lois & Clark



sets out to prove he's no mere mega-babe. Read on to discover why he's much more than a bod of steel.

His tight, white Calvin Klein tank looks awesome. His Levi's are a perfect fit. And his ripped bod is, well, super. But Dean is still nervous. " Do I look too beekcake ? " he asks the photographer as he shyly wraps his arms across his chest in a desperate attempt to hide his pecs. Superman, it seems, is a little self-conscious.

Dean is seriouly schizo when it comes to the " beefcake thing ". His buffness may have helped him get his starring role as Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman, in the hit TV series Lois & Clark : The News Adventures of Superman, but Dean doesn't want people to think he's a babe without a brain. " A lot of beautiful people are stupid. There's a tremendous amount of idiots who look so good it's frightening ", says the 29-year-old actor.
" But if people perceive me as some kind of idiot, that's their mistake. "

A big mistake. Because Dean is one of the smartest studs in Hollywood. He an Ivy Leaguer with a history degree from Princeton. He's written screenplays, including two episodes of Lois & Clark. He manages his own producing company. And in addition to all that, he was set to play pro football for the Buffalo Bills until a knee injury sidelined him. He excels in almost every sport on the planet -- " expect ice hockey, " he says. " I don't do ice hockey. "



So where does all this superhuman ambition come from ? His down-to-earth parents. Dean is real clear on that. In fact, when he talks about his mom and dad, those big, brown eyes of his get a little misty. " They never pushed me. I never had to play football. I never had to get into Princeton. I never had to get great grades. I only had to try hard. There was this unconditional love. "

But if you're thinking that he had some completely uncomplicated childhood, you can think again. Dean's parents got divorced before he was born. When he was 3, his actress mom moved Dean and his older brother, Roger, from Michigan to California, where she met and married film director Chris Cain. Dean has never met his biological dad, who is half-Japanese, and he says he doesn't have any interest in doing so. And even the National Enquirer went digging up durt and found his dad living in a trailer in Seattle, Dean won't contact him. To put it bluntly, his step-dad is his hero, his biological dad is a total zero who never made an effort to be a real father when he was growing up.

But Dean doesn't want to talk about the past. Today, at his YM cover shoot, he's totally psyched about the future. You can tell that he loves his life right now, even though he's working harder than just about any hunk in Hollywood. " My schedule is awful, awful, awful, awful, " he says, describing his 14-hour days on the set of Lois & Clark.

When he's not shooting, Dean works out five days a week, two hours a day, to look evenly in his Superman costume. " I do one hour of weight lifting and one of cardiovascular exercise. But I don't like it -- I have to do it. "

Dean's majorly rigorous routine leaves hardly any time for movie premieres and parties, let alone romantic flings, so he plays it serious when it comes to love. " I don't like to date around. I'm either completely committed or I'm not. If I go on for a couple of dates and it's not working out, I end it pretty quick, " he says.



In college, Dean had what he describes as " a serious romance " with actress Brooke Shields. He later dated Pamela Lee before becoming involded in a hot-and-heavy year-and-a-half relationship with Gabrielle Reece. They seemed like the perfect match : Dean, a total jock who won just about every athletic award in high school, and Gabby, a pro-volleyball player with a mega-modeling career. Today, he won't talk about Gabby -- or " Gab " as he likes to call her -- because they recently broke up. " Gab and I aren't together anymore " is all he'll reveal. Then there's a long pause. He doesn't say it, but the tortured expression on his face screams out : DON'T GO THERE.

Maybe someday he'll spill, but probably not. Dean just won't say a bad word about anyone. At Santa Monica High School, ke hung out with Rob Lowe and knew Sean Penn, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. When they're described as " bad boys, " he leaps to their defense. " They aren't bad boys ; they're just different, " he says. When asked about the time he played Shannen Doherty's love interest on Beverly Hills, 90210, he tells you how " professional " Shannen was and how she was always nice to him. He won't dis anyone -- that's not his style. Like the quote in his college year-book says : Its was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but I'll only remember the good times.

" It's like seeing someone you were in a bad relationship with after you haven't dated for a while, " Dean explains. " I'm the type who starts thinking, She's so wonderful, I can't believe we ever brake up. Then ten minutes into the conversation I'll say, Oh yeah, I remember now. "

Of course, Dean can only see good times ahead. He says he wants to do a movie, and though he's been sent tons of script and gotten dozens of offers, he's waiting for just the right one. " I'd like to do something action-oriented, but with some real acting, " he says. " I'd be into a movie like Speed. "



As for his romantic future, Dean says his ultimate love will be " a naturally beautiful person who is friendly, sweet, not pretentious, and comfortable with herself. " But his top turn-ons are honesty -- the most important quality in a person, he says -- and smart. " I hate people who pretend to be educated and talk about books they haven't read, " he says.

But Dean's dream girl doesn't have to be totally inro sports too -- although she'd have to be prepared to cuddle up on the couch with him and watch football. For now, his channel-surfing sidekicks are his three dogs and good buds like Justin Whalin, who plays Jimmy Olsen on Lois & Clark.

The two actors have such a big-time bond that Justin drops by the shoot to see if he can borrow Dean's car. He has a few friends ( girls ) he'd like to show around L.A., but there's not enough room in his two-seater. Dean gives up his wheels in a flash.

You see, Dean doesn't live up to his good-guy image because he has to, but because that's who he is. Not Superman -- just a smart, sweet guy who also happens to look amazing in tights.

''Do I look too beefcake ?''

Those arms, those pecs, those dimples are out of the world !

How does Dean fit into those tights ?

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