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He was born at Selfridge Airforce Base near Detroit, Michigan on July 31st, 1966.  Dean's grand-father, a Navy commander, steered Dean's by-then-divorced mother, Sharon Thomas, to the base of birth.


" Superman " Dean Cain has some of   Leo's most famous qualities -- aggressiveness, wit, charisma and talent in the arts -- but they keep him for being one of the most down-to-earth guys in Hollywood.  Sure, he  has got everything going for him, but Dean is more like " Everyman " than " Superman ".  Perhaps it's because of his roots -- he was raised by a single mother in a suburban California trailer park.  However in high school, he still managed to pull in enough strong grades along with an impeccable football record to get himself accepted to Princeton.  While Dean was still a teen, his mom married screen writer Chris Cain and young Dean developed an interest in acting and screen writing, both of which he does today.

Dean loves playing " The Man of  Steel ", but he has several other projects in the works.  He is producing a Pulp Fiction-esque TV pilot called Naked TV and has a screenplay development deal with 20st Century Fox.  On the personal side of things, no gals have been able to hold this dude down for long.  In the past he has dated Ami Dolenz, and one of college loves was none other than Brooke Shields.

 Look for Dean to fly from the small screen to big screen soon.  Big D's happy to be starring in a hit primetime series, but once it's over, he's got bigger and better plans that don't include a fear if kryptonite !  The stars show that he has got the potential to become a movie action hero, following the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Bruce Willis.

 As every astrologer says, you can't keep a Leo down.  They always get their way !

NAME :  Dean Cain
He's producing a TV pilot and writing a screenplay before heading back to work  to play  the man of steel.
TRADEMARK (S) :  Muscles, muscles, muscles -- and dark wavy hair.
WHY YOU'D SHARE YOUR BEACH BLANKET WITH HIM :  Nobody would kick sand on you, that's for sure !



Christopher Reeves dit non à Superman

 Christopher Reeves, le Superman du cinéma, a refusé la coquette somme de 200 000 $ --U.S. bien sûr-- pour participer au dernier épisode de Lois & Clark, la version télévisuelle et hebdomadaire de Superman.  L'acteur ne voulait pas du rôle de vilain qu'on lui proposait.  Le vrai Superman pouvait-il décemment jouer les méchants avec un Superman de télévision ? Christopher Reeve, big screen's Superman, refused the neat amount of 200 000 $ - U.S. of course - to participate in the season finale of Lois & Clark, the weekly and televised version of Superman. The actor didn't want the role that was offered to him. Could the real Superman play the bad guy with a television Superman ?

Superman encourage Superman

Dean Cain, le jeune Superman de le télévision, a envoyé ses meilleurs voeux au Superman du cinéma, Christopher Reeve, qu'une horrible chute de cheval cloue dans un lit pour une éternité.  " C'est une épouvantable tragédie ", a-t-il déclaré. Dean Cain, the young Superman of television, as sent his best wishes to big screen's Superman, Christopher Reeve, who has been paralysed for eternity because of a bad horse fall.  "It is a real tragedy", has he said.

Superman s'en mêle


 Dean Cain a prouvé qu'il n'était pas seulement un " Superman " à la télévision.  La vedette de LOIS & CLARK quittait un restaurant de Burbank avec son amie, la joueuse de volley-ball professionnel Gabrielle Reece, lorsqu'il aperçut deux voyous qui s'en prenaient à une jeune fille dans une ruelle.  Cain se précipita sur les deux individus, les saisit par le collet et leur dit :  " Je sais que vous êtes deux et que je suis seul, mais je n'ai qu'un signe à faire et mes deux gardes du corps, qui sont assis dans la camionnette, là-bas, viendront vous donner une leçon que vous n'oublierez pas de sitôt. "  En entendant cela, les deux voyous prirent la fuite à toutes jambes, mais lorsque la jeune fille reconnaissante affirma que c'était grâce à Cain et à ses gardes du corps qu'elle était encore en vie, l'acteur répondit :  " Je n'ai pas de gardes du corps.  Je ne sais même pas à qui appartient cette camionnette..." Dean Cain has prouved that he is not only a Superman on television.  The LOIS & CLARK star was leaving a restaurant at Burbank with his friend, the professional volley-ball player Gabrielle Reece, when he saw two loafers attaquing a young lady in an alley.  Cain rushed on the two guys, took them by the collar and told them : "I know that you are two and that I am alone, but I only one move to make and my two bodyguards, who are sitting in that van there, will give you a lesson you won't forget for a very long time." Hearing that, the guys ran off very quickly and the young lady affirmed that it was bof Cain and his bodyguards that she was still alive.  The actor responded : "I don't have bodyguards.  I don't even know to whom that van belongs..."



 He has two other projects besides Lois & Clark in the hopper : his movie, MARK WITNESS, and his ABC-TV special, " OFF CAMERA WITH DEAN CAIN ".  No word on when either will come out.  Does the cast like him ?  Seems so.  Everyone we spoken to, including Justin Whalin, who plays Jimmy, totally raves about what a nice...er, make that, super guy Dean is.

Lois & Clark

 They used to be a love triangle -- girl loved Superman ; boy who was Superman ( but couldn't tell her ) loved girl.  In season three -- the one where Lois finds out -- they must keep that secret from the rest of the world, while working on their own ( sometimes ), other-worldly love story.  If your love for this high-flyin' duo is stronger than kryptonite, draw four hearts by their name !

Gaby & Dean

 Look !  Up in the sky -- it's the amazing on-again, off-again relationship of  Superguy DEAN CAIN and his pro-volleyball Superbabe, GABRIELLE REECE.  What's the scoop on those two ?  " It's almost impossible to have a private relationship when you're in the public eye ! "  is all Dean will divulge !

 You're not the only one who's a " thing " for Dean Cain, the super star of  Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman !  Dean's a sex symbol in England, Australia and Japan, too, which only prove that females all over the world know a super man when they see one !

 DEAN'S MUSCULAR BUILD GIVES AWAY HIS CHILDHOOD secret : he was (and still is !) a complete, total, over-the-edge sports freak !  Being a true California beach boy (having grown in sun-drenched Malibu), Dean was a star at surfing and volleyball, but it was football which made him a star at Santa Monica High School (where his classmates were Rob Lowe, Sean Penn and Charlie Sheeen !).

 Dean later became an even bigger gridion hero when he played football at Princeton University, but with   two show-business parents (Sharon Thomas, his mom, is an actress ; stepdad Christopher Cain directed Young Guns), it seemed inevitable that Dean would bring his talents and movie-star good looks to Hollywood !

 And aren't you glad he did ?!

 Altough Dean Cain, 29, grew up with parents working in show-business -- his mom Sharon is an actress and his stepdad Chris is a  director -- Dean never thought that he would be an actor.  " I ended acting just because I needed a way to make money ", he told the press.


 Extra ! Get your daily dose of  Lois & Clark stats here !

 - It took three seasons, but Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman is totally flying away with the rating -- beating all other comers in its Sunday night timeslot.

 - As all Dean-devoted know, he writes L & C episodes as well as stars in 'em.  Last season's Christmas show (the one with the mischievous toy makers) was a Dean original, as was this season's virtual reality episode.

 - American and Canadian fans aren't the only L & C fanatics -- the show's a major hit in England,  Australia and Italy !

 - Big Screen Dean is what's next.  He's always wanted to star in an action movie ; look for an exciting announcement soon !


The Dean you've never seen !

-TV's hunk of steel-

DEAN CAIN is the caped cutie you love to watch each week as Superman / Clark  Kent -- but in real life, there are even more fascinating sides to TV's hottest actor.

Amazingly athletic, he grew up (mostly) on the sands of Malibu -- does he surfs ?  Hello ??!

 Even before he donned that blue suit, Dean was a hit with babes -- he used to date Brooke Shields and,  as you can see on the snap, actress Ami Dolenz.

 Answer :  Dean Cain.
 Question :  The hunkiest TV star on this or any planet to compete (and do great) on Jeopardy ! last  year.

 How good a football player was Dean ?  At Princeton University, Number 11 -- he was a starting free  safety -- set the NCAA Division 1-AA record for most interceptions in a season.  It's yet to be broken !

Les rumeurs...

Dean Cain is a former pro-football player for the Buffalo Bills, he is the split personnality of ABC's hit  series Lois and Clark, is something of a super guy in real life.
FIRST OF ALL, you gotta know this : DEAN CAIN ain't complainin' -- even though his super-fame has brought some super headhaches.  After three years on the job, he slips into his dual role of Clark Kent / Superman as easily as this fictional superdude slips into those tights.  What doesn't sit so well are those -- aargh !! -- rumors even the man of steel can't seem to stop.  16 can, however -- no, not stop 'em -- but at least, setcha on some.


 Never had a grain of truth.  Nor did the one about them being jealous of one another.  The chemistry you see on screen between Dean and his lovely Lois, played by Teri Hatcher, just couldn't be there if the two of them truly couldn't stand each other off screen.


 No way !  Yes, he does want to do movies, but no, he doesn't feel he has to hung up his cape to them.  What's more, he's actually looking toward more super Lois & Clark seasons.  " I'm sure the show will have a fourth season, " he recently opined, " and it could even go into a fifth and sixth year. "


 We'll let him answer that one.  " Gab and I are no longer dating.  End of story. "  What you can learn : when Dean doesn't want to discuss something ( usually, it's a private thing ) he tends to say,  " End of story ".


Not a happenin' one either.  (In case you didn't know, she's married !)  So what exactly is their off-screen relationship ?  Teri recently declared : " This year we're getting along better than ever -- the best we've ever gotten along.  He's very private, we're not best friends.  We spend 15 hours a day together, but I don't really know him all that well.  He's more reserved, I'm more open. "  Which isn't much for gossips to sink their teeth into -- but it is the truth.

 DEAN CAIN -- Super Dean's major weakness is mashed potatoes -- and he admits, " what's really bad is what I put on them ! "  But alas, even a few spoonfuls can cause a notable weight difference when you work in tights.  That's why Dean's always seen at the gym, workin' out !


The super life of Dean

He plays an action hero on ABC's Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman, but the real life isn't much different.  How is Dean's life action-packed ?  Let us count the ways ...

1)  Dean will continue to do his own stunts (which he often does on Lois & Clark) by going the way of the adventure scene on the big screen in the near future.  " At this juncture, I thing action films play to my strenghts ", Dean has reasoned.  " If I have a scene where I have to jump over a table and out that window, I'm as relaxed as I can be 'cause I know I can do it.  "

2)  Like any action hero, fictional or real, Dean works out every morning.  In his case, he has a trainer who makes him go through a series of grueling weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises.

3)  Dean loves to surf and motorcycle race and enjoys playing football, soccer and volleyball.  He also loves to write, and while that isn't exactly an active poursuit, he has penned episodes of  Lois & Clark, a fairly  action-oriented series.

4)  Because Lois & Clark is a big smash overseas, Dean has found himself on many occasions fighting off fans à la James Bond rather than, say, Superman.  When Dean traveled overseas to promote the show in Great Britain, Japan and Australia, the actor located clever escape routes in restaurants and hotels in order to dodge  his fans.  It was nothing personal ;  Dean just felt he wouldn't enjoy hundreds of women shredding his clothes,   tackling him to the ground and crushing him under their collective weight.  Like any action hero, Dean didn't let his experiences overseas faze him.  " They couldn't have been more organized if they were a terrorist group, "  Dean has said, amused.  " They were everywhere. "

 Justin Whalin


 No, that wasn't it.  I just wanted to make him a contrast to Clark -- who Dean plays very preppy and conservative -- and I didn't want him to be nerdy, like the way he's played in the movies, with a bow-tie and all that.  So I decided to make him wild, off-center a little bit.  More streetwise, though not really a tough guy.


 It's amazing.  Everyone likes each other a whole lot.  I mean, think of it.  You're spending 12-15 hours a day with these people -- the cast and crew, which is like 100 people altogether -- and that's not easy.  That'll get on anybody's nerves.  It's unrealistic to think that people aren't going to have their petty little arguments.  But that hasn't happened here.  It amazes me that no one ever fights !  We have no bad apples here.


 Dean and I are video games fanatics.  Dean and I are animals !  We did some publicity for EA Sports, so they give us free stuff all the time, like free football games.


 We spend all our free time practicing, 'cause then we challenge each other.  And the only person that has ever been able to compete with me is Dean, and I'm the only one who could ever compete with him.  So we do a lot of practicing, mostly in Dean's dressing room, toward winning the big game.


 If I'm not hanging with Dean, I'm either studying my script, preparing for the next scene, or playing guitar.

Close encounter with Dean Cain

 The perks of working at 16 definitely include this : the chance to do what we editors call "face-time" with your (and our) favorite stars.  Each month, we interview the stars and report on what they said, how they got started, what they like and dislike, what their personalities are like -- and give you killer color pin-ups and centerfolds too.

 But what's it really like to meet that special star you dream of ?  From now on, we're gonna tell you !  In each issue of 16, we'll pick one star and give you the real deal, up close 'n personal : as you were there yourself !

 This month, we start with the star of  Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of  Superman -- DEAN CAIN, who we met in Los Angeles, once during the TV Critics press tour and once at an ABC party.  Here's the deal.


 Better in person than on TV.  (Is this possible ?)  Dean really is tall, tan (well, he was when we saw him) and gorgeous.  Up-close, his Asian heritage (he's a 1/4 Japanese) is more obvious.  When he smiles, he absolutely sparkles.


 Dean does denim.  Unlike the preppy Clark Kent, or a certain blue-suited super-hero we know, when he's just bein' Dean, it's blue jeans, a denim shirt (open at the neck and not tucked in) and boots.  No jewelry that we noticed.  And no cologne -- he's allergic.


No one !  Most stars wouldn't dream of showing up for an interview without an entourage, but Dean needs neither handlers nor hand-holders, whether he's meeting the press or attending a network party.  This high-flying super-star is definitely down to earth.


Earnest, but smart.  He looks at you when he talks to you -- and tries to answer questions honestly, thoughtfully and anecdotally (he doesn't give one-word anwsers).  He doesn't mind personal questions -- but he's not about to give away any trade secrets (like, ' where exactly do you live ?') either.

WHAT HE REALLY SAYS (With A Smile) ...

About wearing Superman's blue suit : " It shows every pound, every pastry !"
About his wheels : " I drive a truck, but I'm not going to tell you what kind, because I'll be chased. "
About his private life : "It's hopefully still staying private !"


" No. " Or " Sorry, I can't ", or " Not now. "  Both times we spent with Dean, the stream of people coming up and asking for autographs or to take a picture with him (okay -- that included us) was constant.  Not once did he turn down a request, whether it came from reporters, fans or even fellow celebs.  His hand must've been hurting (unless, of course, he really is made of steel !) and we're sure he was seeing spots from the flashbulbs  popping in his eyes.  Never once did he complain or refuse.


They swoon.  They stare. They want to get near and touch him.  And that was the ' been there, done that ' press !  The reporters acted no differently than the fans -- and Dean was the only star they acted that way around.  No kidding.  That's a sign of a true (red and) blue superstar !


 If you were there, you'd agree : a superstar who plays a superhero is really super-cute and super-nice !  Oh, and by the way, he signs autographs this way : " Super luck !"


 Bugs was one lucky Bunny -- who wouldn't want to be thisclose to TV's Superman, DEAN CAIN ?  Bugs and Dean did the photo op thing at the premiere of  The Amazing Panda Adventure -- a family movie directed by Dean's dad, Chris Cain.


DEAN'S list ... Of  Facts 'N Favorites !

Get An A+ In ' Dean-eology ' By Memorizing Everything You need To Know About TV's Top Super Hero !

REAL NAME : Dean Cain
BUT YOU KNOW HIM BETTER : as Clark Kent and, of course, Superman, on ABC-TV's Lois & Clark : The  New Adventures Of  Superman.
BIRTHDAY : July 31
BIRTHPLACE : Mt. Clemens, MI at Selfridge Airforce Base
VITAL STUFF : Dean is 6' tall, usually weights 185 lbs., and has black hair and brown eyes
MOM : Is actress Sharon Thomas (she's guested L & C a couple of times)
DAD : Is director Chris Cain (his latest movie is Little Panda)
BROTHER & SISTER : Roger is older ; Krisinda is younger
DEAN GREW UP IN : Malibu, California and was pals with Charlie Sheen and Chris Penn
AS A KID HE WAS : " This chubby baby who grew into a skinny teenager who was always good at sports. "
TWO THINGS HE WAS BEST AT : Were school -- Dean made (duh !) the Dean's list many times -- and  sports, especially football, volleyball and surfing.
HIS FIRST AMBITION : Was to play pro football.  At Princeton University his record for interceptions  remains unbroken.
HIS BIGGEST BUMMER :  Came after he was recruited by the Buffalo Bills.  " I took a knee injury that  effectively ended my football career -- in my rookie season.  I found out I wasn't so super ! "
HE BOUNCED BACK :  By taking up acting -- and writing.  Dean pens screenplays and wrote Lois & Clark's  Christmas episode.
THE HARDEST PART ABOUT BEING SUPERMAN : Are the flying scenes.  " It can be very painful.   You're in an harness, with two wires at your hips, dangling from the ceiling.  Your whole body has to be  tense all the times.  I used to get very bad headaches from it, but like anything else, it got easier with  time. "
HOW HE STAYS IN SHAPE :  Push-ups, aerobics, lots of chicken, steamed veggies, and mineral water.
FAVORITES :  Volleyball, videogames, riding his dirt bike, playing with his three doggs, his dad's movies and  pizza (which can't eat too often !).
HOW HE FEELS ABOUT BEING A HEARTTHROB :  " I like women to think of me in a romantic way --  but not if they only think I'm an attractive person who's hollow in the inside.
WHAT HE'D LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN ON LOIS & CLARK :  " Eventually, I'd like to see Lois & Clark get  together.  Once she finds out he's Superman, they'd have a secret from the rest of the world.  That  would be very interesting and more fun than anything that's been done in the past. "
THE FUTURE AS HE SEES IT : Is limitless.  " I couldn't just act, " declares Dean, who admits to being  driven, " I have to film-make, I have to write, I have to direct. "
SECRET :  He tried out for the role of Jake on Melrose Place -- and lost it to Grant Show.


 We wish !  But no, that asn't happened, nor will it.  DEAN CAIN & TERI HATCHER want to tackle new characters on the big screen -- and reserve that Lois & Clark chemistry for TV.


 Well, for one thing, LOIS & CLARK : THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN has been renewed for next fall


 stops our hearts faster than a speeding bullet as Superman on Lois & Clark.

 meditating, football and dating stars like Brooke Shields, Pamela Anderson and Gabrielle Reece.

 In the same way that Superman is consumed with helping others and doing the right thing, 29-year-old Dean Cain is obsessed with being the best he can be in every aspect of his life.

 " God made me strong and healthy and I'm driven things, " says the star of Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman.  " And I've always been pretty aggressive. "

 Nowhere was Dean's aggressiveness more apparent when he played football on Princeton University's team.  Not only did he lead them to their first winning season in years, but he set a record for most interceptions in a season.

 Unfortunately, Dean's promising professional football career ended when he injured his knee.  His drive to the best, however, was not impaired.

 For example, Dean knows that it's important to stay in shape to look good in his Superman outfit, so he maintains a strict regime of working out and eating healthy.

 And being the over-achiever that is hes, he's striving for a body fat percentage of six (he's currently at eight), rather than the normal 10 percent that the most in-shape guys have.  " I'm going to get in better and better and better and better shape, " he says with determination.

 It is with this determination and drive for perfection that Dean plans to enter the movie-making world.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's being very picky about his roles.

 " Everyday there'a new (script).  Twice a week there's a new deal, " he told Entertainment Weekly. " But why make a dog ?  I don't need the money that badly. "

 DEAN  Cain's admitted that when he was first offered the part of Clark Kent / Superman in Lois & Clark, he thought the idea was " stupid ".  But then, he's added, " I read the script ".

DEAN CAIN :  A Superman who makes rescue fantasies seem okay.

 TV hunks Put The Rock & The Jok Into MTV's Basketball-for-Charity Gig !
The other was once a ( football ) jock ( didja' know super Dean played in the pros ? ).  Together, they made this years MTV's Rock 'N Jock Basketball Jam, an event that raises funds for the music industry's T.J. Martell Foundation, the best ever !

Dean Cain can't say no when he's asked to pitch in for charity -- when it comes to helping others, he's just like that that dude in the blue suit, Superman !  Looking totally buff in his team T-shirt, Dean scored points with or without the ball.

Foul !  Superman's Dean Cain puts a full-court press on JTT at the MTV Rock 'N Jock B-Ball game !

Lois & Clark Little Trivia Game

1) What did Lois say when Clark first proposed ?

 A. " Yes ! "
 B. " Who's asking, Clark or Superman ? "
 C.  Nothing, because it wasn't really her -- it was a clone.

2) When Lois proposed and Clark responded " Who's asking, Lois or Ultra-Woman ? " how did Lois answer ?

 A. " It's me, silly -- you've known it all along. "
 B. " Both of us. "
 C. " I am."

3) When did Lois first find out about Superman's real identity ?

 A. She figured it out after bein frozen to save Clark's parents.
 B. In the " Time Machine " episode.
 C. He told her after he first kissed her.

4) When Clark " married " the Lois clone, what did she like to eat ?

 A. Frogs.
 B. Bugs.
 C. French fries.

5) Real life question : in what popular TV shows did DEAN and TERI first get their breaks ?

 A. Melrose Place ( her ) and ER ( him ).
 B. 90210 ( him ) and Seinfeld ( her ).
 C. Home Improvement (her ) and Friends ( him ).


 In better renewal news, Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of  Superman has officially been renewed for a fourth season.  DEAN and TERI will be flyin' atcha with 22 new episodes, startin' in September.  Didja' know : L & C is the highest rated prime time show on any network among teens and kids ??

Brooke Shields : affaire de virginité
Journal de Montréal du 22 juin 1996

 La virginité de Brooke Shields a été, au sens premier du terme, une " affaire " comme dans business.  Pendant des années, Teri Shields, mère et gérante de la jeune comédienne, monnayait l'image virginale de sa fille.  C'était du bluff. La jeune femme de 31 ans, maintenant fiancée à Andre Agassi, a reconnu avoir perdu sa virginité à 18 ans, avec un étudiant qui fréquentait Princeton comme elle.  En l'occurence Dean Cain, qui incarne actuellement le personnage de Superman dans la télésérie Lois & Clark.  Un autre grand mystère enfin résolu ! Brooke Shield's virginity has been, at the sense of the term, a showbusiness affair.  For years, Teri Shields, mother and manager of the young actress, was making money out off the virginal image of her daughter.  It was all bluff.  The young woman, now engaged to Andre Agassi, has confirmed that she lost her virginity when she was 18 years-old, with a student that frequented like her.  In occurence this was Dean Cain, who actally impersonates Superman in the series Lois & Clark.  Finally another grand mystery resolved !


Meter maid gives Superman a ticket

Superman Dean Cain was working out in a Westwood, Calif., gym when
a meter maid put a parking ticket on his black Ford Bronco.

 HE's faster than a speeding bullet on TV, but Lois & Clark star Dean Cain wasn't quick enough to catch a meter maid before she slapped his Ford Bronco with a parking ticket.

 The Man of  Steel was pumping iron at a Westwood, Calif., gym when somebody told him he was getting a ticket.  The sweaty Superman dropped his dumbbells and flew outside to plead his case with the parking cop.

 " He was screaming : " Please wait, wait, wait ! ", but she didn't want to listen, " says an eyewitness.   " She turned around, ignored him and drove away. "

 So defeated Dean slipped a few more coins in the meter and went back to his workout.


Summer of 1996

NAME :  Dean Cain
 As the Man of  Steel himself on Lois & Clark : The New Adventures Of  Superman and shooting the  movie Independance with Drew Barrymore.
WHY YOU'RE HYPER FOR THIS HOTTIE :  Duh !  Just look at him.
QUOTABLE QUOTE :  " I've only had four serious relationships in my life ! "



 Look ! Up on the movie screen -- it's superhottie DEAN CAIN, who's just agreed to star in a new movie called Independance ( not to be confused with Independance Day ).  It's a drama about five friends who accidentally get involved in a hold-up.  DREW BARRYMORE co-stars.  Don't expect to see it till next year, as it's just filming.

Lois & Clark match game !


1)  The Daily Planet

 2)  Clark Kent

 3)  Metropolis

 4)  X-Ray vision

 5)  Jimmy Olsen

 6)  Cappucinos and muffins

 7)  A dense molecular structure

 8)  Lois Lane

 9)  Staff photographer

10)  Perry White

11)  Kryptonite

12)  Kal-El

13)  Computers

14)  Star

15)  A Jeep

16)  Jonathan and Martha

17)  Dean Cain

18)  Lex Luthor

19)  Frogs

20)  A red sun

21)  Ther Hatcher

22)  "That depends who's asking, Clark or Superman ? "

23)  Jon Tenney

24)  Pizza

25)  Justin Whalin

26)  Sundays at 8 PM on ABC

A)  She plays Lois Lane.

B)  Clark's favorite at-home snack.

C)  Lois & Clark's boss.

D)  He plays Superman / Clark Kent

E)  How Lois responded to the marriage proposal.

F)  Superman's secret identity.

G) What Lois & Clark use to write their stories

H)  What the Lois clone ate.

I)  Teri Hatcher's real life husband.

J)  One of Superman's powers.

K)  Clark's earth parents.

L)  Lois' fortune telling neighbor.

M)  He plays Jimmy Olsen.

N)  The place where Lois & Clark work.

O)  The power source on Krypton.

P)  Teri Hatcher plays her.

Q)  Jimmy's job description.

R)  The city where Lois & Clark live.

S)  The day and time Lois & Clark is on.

T)  The first guy Lois almost married.

U)  What can kill Superman.

V)  Justin Whalin plas him.

W)  Lois' car.

X)  One thing that makes Superman different.

Y)  What Clark was called on Krypton.

Z)  Lois & Clark usual breakfast in the office. 

Step Right Up 'N Meet " Mocha " !

 On TV's Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of  Superman, Dean Cain's Clark lives by himself in a small -- if neat -- apartment.  In real life, Dean shares his one-story Pacific Palisades pad with a roommate and three pooches.  He's got two Labradors and one Weimaraner -- the one he's holdin' here is called Mocha.  Why so many ( forgive the spelling ! ) Cainines ?  Dean's a serious animal lover is the reason.  When he went to Celebrity Jeopardy !, the charity he chose to paly for benefitied abused animals.  A super sweet guy who loves animals -- what couldja' ask for ??

Well, you could ask for a few real-life facts : we've got them ( on Dean, that is ) !

BIRTHDAY :  July 31, 1966
PARENTS :  Sharon and Christopher Cain -- mom's an actress : dad's a director
BROTHER & SISTER :  Roger is older; Kristina is younger
BORN :  In Mt. Clemens, MI
GREW UP :  Partly in Michigan and partly in Malibu, CA
HEIGHT & WEIGHT :  6' tall, 175 lbs
EYES & HAIR :  Brown and black
BEST SPORTS :  Football, basketball, tennis, skiing
HIDDEN TALENTS :  Dean's an accomplished writer -- he's got scripts cookin' !
MARITAL STATUS :  Single -- very !


Super Facts That May Suprise You !

Batter up !  Dean plays in the MTV Rock 'N Jock softball game.

*  The 6', 190-pound superstar of Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of  Superman, was nicknamed "Pretty      Boy" by his friends at Santa Monica High School.

*  Linked with women such as Pamela Anderson ( now Pamela Lee ), Brooke Shields ( pre-Andre Agassi ) and  on-again-off-again gal pal Gabrielle Reece ( now off ), Dean says : "  I've picked the wrong type (of girlfriends) in the past bacause I've such a weakness for beautiful sexy women -- particulary for long, slender hands and big rubbery lips. "

*  Dean is of Welsh, Irish and Japanese heritage.

*  " Paris is the sexiest city because it's so beautiful, has so much going on, and there's something in the air, "   observes Dean.  " But I wouldn't want to live there. "

*  Dean has a weimaraner dog named Mocha.

*  Dean thinks the Toronto Raptors basketball team is cool !

*  Major confession -- Dean says : " I'm a clean freak ! "

*  Says Dean : "  I like women to think of me in a romantic way -- but not if they only think I'm an attractive                 person who's hollow on the inside. "

*  Dean eats lots of chicken, steamed vegetables and mineral water.

*  Dean was once signed to play for the Buffalo Bills football team, but a knee injury right before the pre-season  sidelined his career, permanently.

Who are Dean Cain's heroes ?

 Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman's Dean Cain puts actor Harrison Ford at the top of the heap of people he looks up to.  Harrison, of course, has played heroes from Han Solo in the Star Wars movies to Indiana Jones in that serie to Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive.  Dean especially admires Harrison for the way he's protected his own privacy.  " I love what he's done with his career and private life, " Dean has said. " Not only does the world not know too much about Harrison, he doesn't say too much.  And he's extremely humble. " Dean laughs, " Reminds me a lot of myself. "

Lois & Clark got canceled ??!!

Not even close. The super-lovin' twosome will be back for more adventures next season -- though the competition will be tough : 3rd rock from the sun moves to Sundays, right against L & C.

Between 3 and 4

 If you're of the opinion that Lois & Clark star Dean Cain is just another pretty-faced guy lacking in brain-power, you're majorly wrong -- and he'd be the first person to set you straight.  "  A lot of beautiful people are stupid, " Dean's admitted.  "  There's a tremendous amount of idiots who look so good, it's frightening.  But if people perceive me as some kind of idiot, that's their mistake. "  By the way, that's a mistake those who knew Dean when he was a student at prestigious Princetown University surely wouldn't make.

Ever since he proved himself  " cape "-able of handling " difficult " costar Shannen Doherty in a few early Beverly Hills, 90210 episodes, Dean's been stealing girls' hearts as the Man of  Steel in Lois & Clark.

When we left him last season:  Poor Superman had a terrible decision to make -- stay on earth with his true love, Lois, or return to New Krypton, assume his rightful position as leader of his planet and marry his chosen mate, Zara.  Tough choise.

This season:  Not to ruin the surprise, but we hear wedding bells are ringing for a certain cutie in tights and his    " earthly " ladylove.  As if we didn't know that already, right ?

Other news:  Dean just finished wrapping his first starring role in the movie Independence, which costars a brunette Drew Barrymore and Powder boy Sean Patrick Flannery.  It's about a guy who accidently gets his four good buds involved in a bank heist on their way to a wedding.  Guess you could call it Four Robbers and a Wedding.  Look for it early next year.

Hot news:  Dean just started dating Clueless girl, Elisa Donovan.

 " Certains matins, je n'ai pas envie de soulever des poids, mais j'y suis bien obligé si je encore rentrer dans le costume de Superman . " «Some mornings, I don't want to lift weights, but I am obliged to if I want to fit in the Superman costume.»

Dean Cain
- What's sexy now -

 " A smile is the sexiest thing in the world, but you can't auction  off a smile, so I'd say sheets are what I finf sexy, especially these Shabby Chic sheets my sister told me to buy.  What make these great ?  They are exactly what you need at the time.  If it's cold outside, they make you feel warm.  If it's hot, you feel cool in them.  You spend roughly a third of your life in bed, so you want to be comfortable ; they are completely cotton and they feel like a very, very soft T-shirt.  When you're comfortable and feel good, you're sexy.  The sexiest I've ever seen people is when they're laughing and they're relaxed and being themselves.  One of my favorite things in the world  to do is to wake up, have breakfast, then go back to sleep on those sheets. "

Dean Cain is really married ?

 Not even close.  Though super Dean has had serious past relationships with actresses Brooke Shieds, Ami Dolenz and most recently coverbabe Gabrielle Reece, right now he's of one the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood.

Dean's Independence day !
Your Sneak Peek At Super Dean In His New Movie !

Dean Cain has been looking for a chance to play in a role completely different from his Clark / Superman persona.  So when he got the offer to play a bad guy in a big screen actioner, he totally jumped at it.  The movie's called Independence -- not to be confused with Independence Day ! -- and Dean does mean it : here's your first shotof him on location.  FYI :  That holster's packin' a gun -- and that's ( fake ) blood on his shirt.

Le mariage de Superman
Journal de Montréal, automne 1996.

Superman se marie avec Lois.  La cérémonie se déroulera demain soir au réseau ABC.  Dean Cain et Teri Hatcher, les interprètes de Superman et de Lois Lane, ont tourné la scène avec sérieux et conviction.  À quand la naissance du premier enfant du couple ?  Une petite fille superwowan ?  Ou un fils invincible ?  Faisons confiance aux scénaristes ... Superman is getting married to Lois Lane.  The event will be aired tomorrow night on ABC.  Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, the impersonators of Superman and Lois Lane, have dome the scene with conviction and seriously.  When will their first child born ?  Will it be a little Superwoman ?  Or an invincible son ?  Let's let that to the writters...

Dean Cain swings

What better mix than sports and charity ?  To super-athlete Dean Cain, it doesn't get any better than that !  Which is why, whenever he's asked to suit for up ( no, not that suit !!! ) for a celeb-studded, all-for-a-cause sports event, he is totally there.  This day, Dean donned Dodger blue for a Hollywood All-Stars softball game.

" As an actor, I don't think myself as a Laurence Olivier.

      What I try to do is be as natural and instinctive as I can. "

 Dean Cain :  le wonder man

Pourquoi on craque ...

 - Il est le Superman de nos rêves.
 - Sa dernière petite amie lui a brisé le coeur.
 - Il sourit tout le temps, et nous on aime ça, les garçons qui sourient.

Ses petits plus ...

 - Pour lui, la fidélité est tout un art de vivre.
 - C'est un sacré bosseur, un bourreau de travail ...  C'en est presque insupportable.
 - Il aime la France, Paris, l'architecture, et il parle un peu français.

Ses petits moins ...

 - Il est, paraît-il, un peu trop exigeant quant à ses cachets d'acteur.
 - Il prend énormément de risques en moto.  Il roule à 200 kilomètres-heure et ses producteurs en
    deviennent fous
 - Il perd beaucoup d'argent dans les casinos ... Reste que c'est plutôt excitant, non ?

Signes particuliers ...

 - Il collectionne les Harley Davidson.
 - Il ne voyage jamais en première classe, tant mieux !
 - Il soutient la campagne de lutte contre le Sida.

Verdict ...

 Aux dernières nouvelles, Nastassja Kinski vient de lui mettre le grappin dessus.  Elle l'a conquis en lui envoyant des bouquets de leurs tous les jours.  Qu'est-ce qu'on fait ?  On lutte ou on laisse tomber ?  À vous de voir, les filles ...

Dans le magazine français ''Salut''...

Nom :  Dean Cain
Date de naissance :  Le 31 juillet 1966.
Signe astrologique :  Lion
Lieu de naissance :  Il est né sur la base militaire de Selfridge, près de Detroit.
Sa famille :  Il a des ancêtres japonais du côté de son père.  Ses parents ont divorcé avant sa naissance et sa  mère, Sharon Thomas, une actrice, a épousé Christopher Cain, le réalisateur des films The Next Karate Kid et Young Guns.  Il a un frère aîné, Roger, et une soeur cadette, Krisinda.
Taille :  1,82 m (6 pi.).
Poids :  85 kg (190 lb).
Yeux :  Noisette.
Cheveux :  Noirs.
État civil :  Depuis le printemps dernier, il est le compagnon de l'actrice Nastassja Kinski.  Il a déjà fréquenté Brooke Shields et Pamela Anderson.
Enfant :  Aucun.
Lieu de résidence :  Il loue une maison à Pacific Palisades, en Californie.
Sports préférés :  Il pratique le conditionnement physique, la natation et le surf.  Il joue au volley-ball et il aime assister à des parties de basket-ball.
Passe-temps :  Il aime se balader sur sa Harley Davidson, prendre soin de ses trois chiens, voyager et recevoir des amis.
Détail inusité :  Il est un ami d'enfance de Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn et Chad Lowe.
Télé :  Il a fait ses débuts dans des messages publicitaires, puis il a participé aux téléséries Life Goes On, A    Different World et Beverly Hills, 90210, où il était le petit ami de Shannen Doherty.  Depuis 1993, il incarne Clark Kent dans Lois & Clark : The New Adventures Of  Superman.  Il a écrit les textes de Off Camera With Dean Cain, dont il est l'animateur et qui est produite par sa compagnie, Centre Films.
Films :  The Stone Boy et Independence, avec Drew Barrymore.
Adresse : Dean Cain
  c/o ABC-TV
  2040 Avenue of the Stars
  Los Angeles, CA 90067


 Dean Cain :  le wonder man 

Dean Cain est connu pour son rôle dans la télésérie Lois & Clark.  Ce Superman du dimanche
( l'émission est programmée pour cette journée ) est fort heureux du succès de la série.

Dean, si vous pouviez détenir un des pouvoirs de Superman, lequel serait-ce ?

Je choisirais de pouvoir voler, parce qu'en réalité je déteste l'avion.  Ça m'effraie beaucoup.  Il n'y aurait alors plus d'attente à l'aéroport, plus d'anxiété.  Et pensez aussi à l'argent que j'économiserais.

Dans l'émission, comment faites-vous pour jouer les scènes d'amour sans vous engager personnellement ?

Montrer nos émotions et notre vulnérabilité, les rendre accessibles au public, ça fait partie de notre métier.  Ma partenaire, Teri Hatcher, et moi sommes habitués à travailler ensemble et nous avons beaucoup de respect l'un pour l'autre.  Le fait de tourner une scène d'amour devant 50 autres personnes nous aide aussi à garder les pied sur terre.

Vous compare-t-on à Superman dans la vie quotidienne ?

Oui, et c'est difficile.  Mais je n'essaie pas de ressembler à Superman parce que c'est impossible.  Je sens quand même une responsabilité envers les jeunes téléspectateurs, car le personnage est un de leurs idoles.

Quel genre de musique écoutez-vous ?

J'aime tous les genres.  Ça dépend de mon humeur ou de ce que j'ai à faire.  J'aime écouter du rap quand je fais du sport ; du piano, quand j'écris ; de la musique d'ambiance, quand je fais le ménage.

Si vous aviez le pouvoir de décider, aimeriez-vous que Lois & Clark se marient ?

J'adorerais les voir enfin les voir se marier, vivre ensemble, attendre un enfant, etc.  Nous verrons bien !


Man-of-steel Dean Cain, after romancing-and-rebounding from-such sexy celebs  as Pamela Lee, Brooke Shields and Gabrielle Reece, is using Superman's X-ray vision to take a closer look at his dating problems.  " I've picked the wrong type in my past because I have such a weakness for beautiful, sexy women.  I'm working trial and error on this. "

 In the meantime, being Lois Lane's main man is keeping him busy and ready for real-life love.  With a daily regimen of weightlifting and a strict diet that includes steamed chicken and vegetables, he'll be looking good when the right girl comes along.

 Fun fact :  True to Lois & Clark form, Dean's co-star Teri Hatcher, who plays Lois, wasn't that impressed when she met him.  She now laughingly admits that she thought, " Oh, there's a good-looking guy ... nothing going up upstairs. "


Dean Cain

Why he's famous :  Because he stars as Clark Kent and Superman in TV's Lois & Clark : The New      Adventures of  Superman.
Birthday :  July 31
Superstats :  6' tall, 190 lbs., brown eyes, dark brown hair.
Why This Hottie Makes You Weak :  As Clark, or as Superman, he's all that -- a super sexy  combinaison of brains and brawn, strengh of caracter and sensitivity of the heart.
Love Tip :  On TV, he's a one-girl guy ; in real life, Dean is much the same.  Neither a partier nor a player,  he finds someone he likes and sticks with her.
Old flames :  Have included Brooke Shields ( in his college days ) and volleyball ace Gabrielle Reece.  Note  -- both are over 6 ' tall !
Current Status :  Single ; Dean isn't dating anyone steadily right now.
His Dream Girl :  Would be athletic, outdoorsy, have her own thing going on, and share his very silly sense  of humor.
A Dean Dream Date :  Could include front row seats at the Lakers game, a trip to the ski slopes or a romp  in the park with his dogs.  Key word : active !
Your heart will skip a beat :  When you see him in his new movie, Independence.
Love Quote :  " A smile is the sexiest thing in the world. "

 If you've been waiting patiently to see Dean Cain lose the Superman cape and make the move from TV to movies, you may have to wait a little longer.  Dean would love to star on the big screen someday, and he's been getting tons of offers to do just that.  But he's not in a hurry to grab just any old role.  " I'd like to do something action-oriented, " he's said, " but with some real acting. "  So what's his ideal role ?  " I'd be into a movie like Speed, " he's said.

"  I don't like to date around.  I'm either
completely  commited or I'm not.
If I go on a couple of dates and it's not
working out, I end it pretty quickly. "

Les belles de DEAN CAIN

 Les 10 plus belles femmes de la capitale selon Dean Cain.  Il opte pour Jerry Hall, Corinne Alphen, Teri Hacher, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nora Dunn, Jane Seymour, Carol Alt et Kim Basinger.

THERE'S BAD NEWS AND GOOD NEWS ...  ... Which Do You Want First ?

UP, UP & AWAY  ... ?

 When Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher reported for work on the new season of Lois & Clark :  The New Adventures of  Superman, they had every reason to be, pardon the pun, flyin' high.  They'd wrapped the previous season up a solid ratings success ; their own popularity was white-hot, and both were able to do movies over their vacations.  What's more, this year promised a whole new set of challenges for the babe-of-steel and his brilliant reporter bride.  What could go wrong ?  Nothing they could have anticipated, that's for sure.  Only something did go very, very wrong.  Rathings wise, this season, the show just couldn't get off the ground !


 There are four network shows that all air on Sunday at 8 PM ( ET ), one of 'em being L&C.  That's nothing new -- L & C never had any trouble being most watched show for that time period, or sometimes maybe the second-watched .  That was for its first three seasons, anyway.  But this year, from the day it started up again last September, it hasn't come close to being first in its timeslot ... or second.  Often, it was third, and a couple of times, the cellar-dweller.


 What happened ?  Surely, DEAN & TERI and the crew -- their co-stars, writers, guest-stars, directors -- weren't doing anything differently.  The plots stayed true to course, as did the superpair's love affair : hte magic was till there.  The only thing that really changed were two of the other shows that now also air at 8PM on Sundays.  Instead of its old competition ( Mad about you and Cybill ) Lois & Clark is now battling two new shows.  And they are powerful.  Both used to be on other nights, and were established hits.  And the truth is that the dramatic Touched By An Angle and the quirky /rd Rock From The Sun brought their winning ways with them when they went up against Lois & Clark.  Between 'em, they made for a one-two punch : they are the victors in the rattings battle.  They've left the L & C posse wondering if there's kryptonite buried somewhere in that 3rd Rock.


 When rattings take a sharp trumble like that, you know what often happens : cancellation.  And for thnail-biting moment there, it looked as if  Lois & Clark might not survive its " who'da thunk it ?" new challenge.  But this time, rattings are not the be-all and end-ell -- and there's actual good news to be told.  For Lois & Clark has some powerful allies and fans, and based on the current reports, it looks like the show will not only last out the season, but be renewed for yet another whole year !

However, it would be premeature to exhale just yet -- for nothing is ever completely certain in the topsy-turvy world of TV.  The show could still face cancellation -- or more likely, a change in the day and time it airs.

 What can you do ?  For one thing, you can keep watching the show -- and start writing to the network, telling them not to cancel it.  The address is :  Program Director
       2040 Avenue of the Stars
       Los Angeles, CA


Menu d'automne à ABC
Journal de Montréal, printemps 1997

 Le réseau ABC ... Grace under fire et Lois and Clark en ont été retirées.



 Never !  Dean may have gronw up in beachy-keen Malibu, but that's as close as he gets to the sand'n surf.  Unfortunately, he won't be in the sky anymore either -- Lois & Clark won't be returning next season.  Next-up, Dean co-stars in the upcoming Showtime TV movie Dogboys, about a prison guard who uses tracking dogs to haunt bad guys.  And this just in !  This month, Dean is wowing theater goers starring in the Broadway musical The King And I !

Lois & Clark cancelled ?

 I heard that Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of  Superman is cancelled -- please say it isn't so ! --

Unfortunately, it is true.  Due to really low ratings, both in its old Sunday night time-slot, and when it moved to Saturday nights, L & C won't be back in September with new episodes.  Stars DEAN CAIN & TERI HATCHER were sorry to see it end after four years, but both are doing movies now.  Reruns of L & C are scheduled to start airing on cable next year.

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