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The Division


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Saison 3/Season 3

1. Till Death Do Us Part
A startling shooting and an impromptu wedding kick off the new season! C.D. will return from her holiday sans boyfriend; the recently promoted "Inspector" Raina struggles to track down a missing child; and Magda rushes against the clock to help her son. Look for Dean Cain to begin a recurring guest-starring role!

2. Oh Mother Who Art Thou?
C.D. is forced to face some painful memories when her mom shows up unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Jinny and Raina pair up to investigate the overdose of a wealthy drug addict, and Magda and Gabe try to keep their marriage strong while caring for their sick son.

3. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
An exciting career opportunity emerges for Kate. Meanwhile, Jinny, Magda, C.D. and Nate join forces to solve a tricky murder case involving a woman who was about to testify in her own rape trial. Look for two fabulous guest stars: Debbie Allen and Sally Struthers!

The inspectors go digging into the murder of a college co-ed whose life was secretly being broadcast over the Internet. Meanwhile, Magda's sister finds a little TLC in a very unexpected place and Jinny goes into an emotional tailspin on the anniversary of her mom's suicide.

5. Testimonial
Our top cops come together to capture a serial rapist who is targeting disabled women. Nate shares a shocking secret with C.D. This special episode is part of Lifetime’s campaign to promote awareness of violence against women.

6. Cold Comfort
Nate and C.D. pitch in to help Nate’s ex-partner, while Raina investigates a hit-and-run involving a seven-year-old girl and discovers the hard way that nothing is as it seems.

7. Strangers
Jinny struggles with her love life, while Magda and Gabe find themselves knee-deep in debt. A stalking case may be connected to a separate homicide investigation. It’s up to Nate and C.D. to solve this puzzler!

8. Costs of Freedom
Kate must navigate her way through a political minefield when a friend speaks out in support of legalizing medical marijuana. Meanwhile, the captain's team of investigators is wrapped up in the case of an Asian woman found dead in the water under the Bay Bridge.

9. Cradle Will Rock
Jinny faces her toughest challenge yet in her fight against alcoholism. Nate and C.D. go on the prowl for the parents of a baby abandoned at a restaurant. Meanwhile, Magda continues to flounder.

10. Radioactive Spiders
The cops are on the case of a murdered lawyer whose clientele consisted of deadbeat dads. Meanwhile, a suspect falls for Raina, and Jinny is teetering on the brink. And when C.D. invites Nate and his date over for dinner, chaos ensues.

11. Rush to Judgment
Jack confronts Jinny about her newest substance abuse problem. Raina and Magda look into accusations of child abuse. Meanwhile, C.D. and Nate get the strange assignment of tracking down $25,000 worth of missing truffles from an eatery.

12. Misdirection
When the squad hunts down a hired assassin, one of its own gets caught in the cross fire. Meanwhile, Kate considers undergoing a makeover while gearing up to campaign for chief of police.

13. Rich Girl, Poor Girl
The squad must come to the rescue when a wealthy businessman's daughter is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Jinny struggles with a new addiction and Magda grapples with keeping her marriage vows.

14. Wish You Were Here
C.D. and Nate investigate a psychiatrist accused of raping a mentally ill patient. Meanwhile, Magda is tempted to have an affair. And as Jinny's drug addiction spirals out of control, she receives devastating family news.

15. Baby It's Cold
Jinny attempts to go cold turkey in order to beat her drug habit. Meanwhile, the rest of the cops must crack the case of a murdered woman who worked at an AIDS hospice.

16. Extreme Action Figures
The inspectors suspect that steroid abuse is responsible for the death of a high school football player. Meanwhile, Nate and Lily try to overcome the problems in their relationship, and Jinny turns to a higher power for strength.

17. Castaways
Kate faces a dilemma when a local activist is accused of hiding a murderer in a homeless shelter. Meanwhile, Raina's search for her birth mother doesn't go according to plan.

18. Body Double
Kate's run for chief of police may be hazardous to her health. Meanwhile, the squad struggles to crack a case after evidence is stolen from the morgue.

19. Diagnosis
Kate begins the long road to recovery after her stroke. Magda encourages Jinny to see a therapist. Meanwhile, the inspectors look into the murder of a young woman who was leading a double life online.

20. Thus With a Kiss, I Die
Magda struggles with her cheating heart. Nate gets a gift he never expected at his birthday party.

21. Hearts and Minds
The inspectors go on a hunt for three escaped prisoners. Meanwhile, Jinny copes with the end of her marriage, and Magda faces a pregnancy scare. Nate and C.D. must deal with the aftermath of the steamy kiss they shared. Kate contemplates quitting the force.

22. Acts of Betrayal
The search for three escaped convicts continues. Kate has second thoughts about resigning. Raina bends a few rules so that Jinny can meet her brother's murderer. Meanwhile, Magda's affair with Jonah seems to be ending as C.D.'s romance with Nate heats up.


Saison 4/Season 4

1. Bite Me
While Jinny struggles after the split with her husband, she crosses paths with a hunky sketch artist (Jon Tenney). Meanwhile, Kate gets an unexpected present from her daughter and Raina attempts to settle in with her new partner. The first big case of the season involves a killer pit bull.

2. Skips and Stones
Jinny and Magda race to nab a dangerous cat burglar before he is captured by a determined bounty hunter. Meanwhile, Raina takes a swing at romance with a professional baseball player.

3. What's Love Got to Do With It?
Get ready for drama! Jinny scrambles to save her career when she is investigated by Internal Affairs, while Magda struggles to save her marriage. Meanwhile, the rest of the team looks into a homicide that involves a woman with a sex addiction.

4. Play Ball
The top cops investigate a professional baseball player accused of rape. But the case becomes a bit sticky when it turns out that the athlete is best friends with Raina's boyfriend. Jon Tenney guest-stars.

Name: Dean Cain

Occupation: Actor

Character: Detective Jack Ellis

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Dean Cain! Cain appears on "The Division" this season as a new detective who will shake things up. Detective Jack Ellis arrives on the scene and catches the eye of Inspector Jinny Exstead (Nancy McKeon). They quickly become involved, but their romance won’t be easy, since both cops are recovering alcoholics with strong-headed impulsive streaks.

Cain is currently the host of the TV show "Ripley’s Believe It or Not!" But he’s best known for his impressive performance as Clark Kent, aka Superman, on the hit television series "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." The multitasking TV actor also writes, produces and owns his own production company, Angry Dragon Entertainment. His next silver-screen appearance? The 2003 cop drama "Out of Time," with Denzel Washington.

Essential Dean Cain Trivia:

  • Cain graduated from Princeton University, where he used to date fellow coed Brooke Shields.
  • He’s a warmhearted, sincere and lively Leo.
  • Cain was drafted to play football for the Buffalo Bills, but a knee injury prevented him from ever playing pro ball.
  • His birth name is Dean Tanaka. He is part Welsh, Japanese, French-Canadian and Irish.
  • Cain’s father is director Christopher Cain and his mother, Sharon Thomas, is an actress; she appeared with her son on several episodes of "Lois and Clark."
  • He had a guest-starring role on "Beverly Hills 90210" as the man who caused problems for star-crossed lovers Brenda and Dylan.
  • Cain beat out Kevin Sorbo (aka television’s Hercules) for the part of Superman.

Nom : Dean Cain

Occupation: Acteur

Son personnage : le détective Jack Ellis

C'est un oiseau. C'est un avion. Non, c'est Dean Cain ! Cain apparaîtra à  "The Division" cette saison en tant que nouveau détective qui fera bouger les choses. Le Détective Jack Ellis arrive en scène et se fait tout de suite remarquer par l'Inspecteur Jinny Exstead (Nancy McKeon). Ils deviennent rapidement un idem, mais leur relation amoureuse ne sera pas facile, puisque les deux policiers sont des alcooliques en voie de guérison ayant des coups de tête impulsifs.

Cain est actuellement l'hôte de la série télé "Ripley’s Believe It or Not !" Mais il est plus connu pour sa performance impressionnante de Clark Kent, connu aussi sous le nom de Superman, dans la série télévisivée à succès "Lois et Clark: les Nouvelles Aventures de Superman." L'acteur de télé aux multiples talents écrit, produit et possède sa propore compagnie de production, Angry Dragon Entertainment. Sa prochaine apparition au grand écran ? Le drame policier "Out of Time", qui sortira en 2003, avec Denzel Washington.

L'essentiel sur Dean Cain :

  • Cain a gradé de l'université de Princeton, où il fréquentait sa collègue Brooke Shields.
  • C'est un Lion : il a un grand coeur, il est sincère et plein de vie.
  • Cain fut choisi pour jouer au football professionnel avec les Bills de Buffalo, mais une blessure au genou l'a empêché de même jouer un seul match.
  • Son nom à la naissance est Dean Tanaka. Il est en partie Gallois, Japonais, canadien-français et Irlandais.
  • Le père de Cain est le directeur de films Christopher Cain et sa mère, Sharon Thomas, est une actrice ; elle est apparue dans plusieurs épisodes de  "Lois et Clark" avec son fils.
  • Il a obtenu un rôle dans "Beverly Hills 90210", il était l'homme qui était la source des problèmes entre les deux personnages-vedettes Brenda et Dylan.
  • Cain a remporté le rôle de Superman en compétitionnant avec Kevin Sorbo (le Hercule de la télévision).
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