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Date de pré-production :
Date de production : 3 août au 16 septembre 2005
Date de sortie : 22 juin 2007
Genre : drame historique
Principaux interprètes :

Huntley Ritter................................Robert Humphries
Jon Gries......................................John D. Lee
Daniel Libman................................Reverend Hudson
Dean Cain.....................................Joseph Smith

Dirigé par : Christopher Cain
Écrit par : Christopher Cain & Carol Wayne Shutter
Tourné à : Albertina et Calgary, Canada
Budget : 11 millions de dollars US


L'histoire :

En 1857, le groupe de colons "Fancher" s'en allait vers l'Ouest américain pour s'y établir. Alors qu'ils passaient au travers le territoire de l'Utah, ils se firent prendre au piège par un groupe de mormons, qui étaient aidés par des Indiens. Les mormons étaient devenus quelque peu paranoïaques, ils avaient peur que les gens d'État ne prennent possession de leurs terres et qu'ils viennent déranger leur mode de vie permettant la polygamie et non conformiste. De plus, une rumeur voulait qu'un des hommes ait tué un mormon.

Après cinq jours de retraite, les mormons voulurent acheter la paix avec un drapeau blanc. Ils arrivèrent à massacrer 120 colons américains, dont plusieurs femmes et enfants. Les rebelles essayèrent même de faire passer le massacre sur le dos des Indiens.

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By Devin Faraci
Contributing sources: Hollywood Reporter

The Scientologists have been easy targets for some time. I've taken more than my share of shots at your average Christ lovers. And I've even taken my life in my hands and made some jokes about Mohammedans. Now it's high time I turned my attention to the Mormons.

In 1857 the Fancher Party was headed out West to settle. As the passed through Utah Territory, they came under siege by a group of Mormons, aided by Paiute Indians. The Mormons had grown paranoid that the Feds were going to swoop in and break up their independent theocratic and polygamous society. To top it off, it became rumored that one of the men in the train had killed a Mormon leader.

After five days of the siege the Mormons sent in a peace party under a white flag. They used the ruse to slaughter the 120 settlers, including many women and children. To make their heinous atrocity worse, the scurrilous Mormon bastards tried to pin the massacre solely on the Paiutes.

The details of this crime can be found in Jon Krakauer's book Under the Banner of Heaven, along with the details of much more Mormon madness. This is one ****ed up religion, historically speaking.

And this massacre is going to be the subject of September Dawn. The indie film will set a love story against the tragedy, and is written and directed by Christopher Cain, who I'm told is Dean's dad. John Voight is playing the lead of the Mormon killer group, while Lolita Davidovich will play a wagon-trainer who stands up to him. The movie has started filming this week in Canada.

By the way, September Dawn will portray the Mormons as renegades - some evidence shows that Brigham Young, the leader of the Mormons, gave the OK for the killings.

Dean Cain and father in Mormon controversy

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

"He just wants people to see the movie and draw their own conclusions," says Dean Cain, speaking of "September Dawn" — the May 4 release written and directed by his father, Christopher Cain, in which Dean plays Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith.
The film, which stars Jon Voight, Terence Stamp and Lolita Davidovich, deals with the Sept. 11, 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, when a wagon train full of Arkansas settlers was ambushed by a renegade group of Mormons — an incident regarded as one of the darkest chapters in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The film, says Dean, asks whether church leader "Brigham Young was involved in ordering the massacre. The church says no. The film brings up some very significant questions.

"I was a history major in college and I read a lot about it," adds the Princeton grad. "I do know that everything said by Brigham Young in the film is taken from historical records."

The feature was made quietly last year in Canada, but has already stirred controversy, eliciting a statement from the Mormon Church to the effect that it isn't factual, says Dean. "But they haven't seen it," he adds. "I'm sure he doesn't have a problem with them seeing the movie any time."
Meanwhile, Dean has the April 22 CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "Crossroads: a Story of Forgiveness," an inspiring real-life story in which he plays a man whose wife and daughter are killed in an automobile accident involving a teenage street racer, who he eventually confronts. And the actor is in the midst of making "Protect and Serve" a CBS ensemble drama pilot in which he plays an LAPD cop.

From "Las Vegas" producer Gary Scott Thompson, it shows officers' lives at home as well as on the job, and has Monica Potter as Dean's wife.

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