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Date de pré-production : printemps 2000
Date de production : 23 août 2000 au 26 septembre 2000
Post-production : automne 2000
Date de diffusion :

  • aux USA : 10 décembre 2000, à CBS, 21 h
  • en VHS et DVD : 26 février 2002

Produit par : McGee St. Productions
Réalisé par : Arthur Allan Seidelman
Genre : drame
Principaux interprètes :

Dean Cain...............................Sheriff Frank Richards
Pat Hingle...............................Avery
Debbi Morgan..........................Reba Monroe
Kathryn Erbe...........................Evelyn Carnes
Cliff De Young.........................Harlan Davis

Durée : 2 heures

Fait pour : CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame

Tourné à : Wilmington, en Caroline du Nord, USA





Hallmark Hall of Fame: "The Runaway"
Dean Cain, Debbi Morgan and Maya Angelou star in a story of friendship Dec. 10 on CBS.

The Runaway is the stirring story of the enduring friendship of a black boy and a white boy in rural Georgia in the 1940s. It becomes the 207th presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame when it premieres Sunday, December 10, 2000, 9-11pm ET/PT on CBS. The Runaway stars Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Broken Hearts Club), Debbi Morgan (The Hurricane, Eve's Bayou), Pat Hingle (Shaft, The Shining) and Maya Angelou (How to Make An American Quilt).

Luke Winter (Cody Newton) and Sonny Monroe (Duane McLaughlin) are born at precisely the same time. The mysterious and powerful Conjure Woman (Maya Angelou) prophesizes at their birth that they will "make the change." Later she says, "You're going to make a difference." And they do.

In the words of poet and author Maya Angelou (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings), interviewed on The Runaway set, "These two young people who are at the center of this story go about the business of trying to make this country more and better than what James Baldwin called it: `these yet-to-be-United States.'"

Referring to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, Dr. Angelou says The Runaway explores the genesis of those epochal times. "No great movement grows from the earth like grass," she says. "Great movements spring from the earth like trees. Trees have roots - and this story tells us something about those roots."

When Luke and Sonny set out, Huckleberry Finn-like, on a youthful adventure, they uncover a clue that eventually helps lead to the discovery of who killed three local black men. As Sheriff Frank Richards (Dean Cain) doggedly pursues the cases, he learns that most townspeople would rather the truth not be uncovered. But, as Sheriff Richards asks, "What kind of future can we have if we deny the past?"

Long-simmering racism surfaces when Sonny is arrested and tried for killing a white man linked to the earlier murders.

Kathryn Erbe (George Wallace, Hallmark Hall of Fame's Breathing Lessons) plays a young widow whom the sheriff suspects is hiding information crucial to solving the murder cases. Debbi Morgan is Sonny's distraught mother; Roxanne Hart (Chicago Hope, Law and Order) is Alice Davis, a sad but good-hearted woman who is married to the town's leading bully; Pat Hingle plays the octogenarian lawyer who defends Sonny in the highly charged murder trial.

The Runaway is directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman (Hallmark Hall of Fame's Grace & Glorie, The Summer of Ben Tyler, Harvest of Fire) from a script by Ron Raley (Hallmark Hall of Fame's Cupid & Cate). It is based on the novel by Terry Kay. Richard Welsh (Saint Maybe, A Season for Miracles) is the executive producer; Brent Shields (What the Deaf Man Heard, Grace & Glorie) is the co-executive producer. It is from Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions, Inc.

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