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Date de pré-production : 2005
Date de production : novembre 2005
Date de diffusion  : 11 décembre 2006, à 21 h, sur la chaîne américaine Lifetime
Dean est : Tucker, le patron
Genre : comédie romantique
Principaux interprètes :

Richard Blackburn...............................Robert
Dean Cain.........................................Tucker
Joan Gregson....................................Laraine
Art Hindle.........................................Jack

Écrit par : Richard Cray & Matt Dorff
Réalisé par : Michael Zinberg
Tourné à : Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse, Canada


L'histoire : Emily et Ben se sont rencontrés pour la première fois il y a deux Noël et planifient de se marier cette année à Noel, deux jours presque jour pour jour. Emily doit se rendre au travail et elle doit laisser l'organisation du mariage à Ben. Des problèmes surviennent quand Ben, novice en la matière, doit s'occuper des robes pour les filles d'honneur, de la couleur des souliers et tout le reste... Emily est très perfectionniste et elle a peur que ce jour béni ne soit pas à la hauteur de ses attentes. Quand une tempête de neige menace de clouer Emily au travail, elle se rend compte que la seule chose qui importe est d'arriver saine et sauve chez elle avec Ben qui l'attend pour célébrer leur mariage de Noël.

Christmas comes early on TV movie set; Lindsay Jones
Halifax Daily News 11-21-2005

Christmas comes early on TV movie set
Byline: Lindsay Jones
Section: Local News

No, you weren't asleep when a blizzard hit.

Winter has just come a little earlier for the cast and crew of A Christmas Wedding, a TV movie for Lifetime. Produced by Halifax's Magic Rock Productions, the romantic comedy is shooting here until tomorrow.
For the production, the Grand Parade has been transformed into a frosty winter wonderland with an artificial skating rink - not to be confused with city hall's proposed plans - and lots of faux snow. Producer Michael Mahoney says special effects crew used white blankets, foam, ice from local fish plants, and if it's cold enough, snow-making machines.

Last week, "We had the parade square full of snow, but it got so warm out that we had a bit of trouble with the ice and snow melting, " said Mahoney. "But now, with the cold weather, the next few days should be great."

The story is about a bride-to-be, played by Sarah Paulson from the TV series Leap of Faith. Her perfect Christmas wedding plans run amuck when her hard-driving boss, played by Superman alumnus Dean Cain (Lois & Clark), insists she fly out to Florida to close a real- estate deal.

Eric Mabious, that nasty dean from The O.C., plays the groom-to- be.

Executive producers are Alys Shanti, Jim Head and Matt Dorff. It's directed by Michael Zinberg.

Local actors cast in the production are Gordon Stobbe, Jeremy Akerman, Owen Pattison, Sherry Smith, Bill McFadden, Lee J. Campbell, Robert Bockstael, Janessa Hunt and Nancy Regan.

Other filming locations include St. Paul's Anglican Church, Alderney Landing, the Waegwoltic Club and Cougar Helicopters at the Halifax International Airport.

A Christmas Wedding will air on Lifetime next Christmas.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Eric Mabius ("Ugly Betty," "The L Word"), Sarah Paulson ("Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," "Deadwood") and Dean Cain ("Las Vegas," "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman") star in the Lifetime Original Movie "A Christmas Wedding," a heart-warming holiday comedy about a young couple whose plans for a glamorous Yuletide union unravel in a series of unexpected events, leaving the frantic bride stranded in a blinding snowstorm as the hours count down to their Christmas Day nuptials. The two- hour movie premieres Monday, December 11 at 9 PM (ET/PT) on LIFETIME Television.

In "A Christmas Wedding," Emily (Paulson), a multi-tasking real estate developer from a wealthy family, falls in love with Ben (Mabius), an aspiring writer who shares his ex-hippie parents' (Louise Pitre, Broadway's "Mama Mia"; Richard Blackburn) easy-going approach to life. Since they met and became engaged on Christmas, they want to marry on December 25th in a perfect, Winter Wonderland ceremony that Emily has planned for months. But suddenly her arrogant, workaholic, "art-of-the-deal" boss, Tucker (Cain), rushes her away from Denver to an island off the coast of Florida on a business trip that unfortunately lasts until just days before the knot is about to be tied. As the wedding date nears, Ben's future mother-in-law (Mimi Kuzyk) meddles in the arrangements, while Ben tries to reassure a frantic, far-away Emily who sees her dream wedding start to spin out of control. Then, mere hours before the big event, everything begins to go cataclysmically wrong. Tucker insists Emily stay longer on the island, only to have a tropical storm ground all flights. Frazzled but undeterred, Emily embarks on a wild cross-country odyssey to get back home, careening into close encounters with a lost child at the airport, a biker named Big Daddy and more, until a blizzard maroons her in another state. With the clock ticking and only minutes left before the ceremony, will Emily make it to the altar?

"My character, Emily, looks forward to her wedding as the biggest day of her life," Paulson said. "She's incredibly competent and accustomed to being in charge, and when everything gets crazy she feels helpless because she has no control. A big surprise, to her, is what she learns about herself and about Ben."

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Added Mabius, "Ben is the calm amidst Emily's storm. He can take things in stride and he's resourceful. Ben and Emily both change, and at the same time grow towards each other. It's a romantic, hopeful movie."

Dean Cain insists his character does not change at all. "For Tucker, it's all about his ego," Cain said. "What's interesting is how the movie reflects the shift in our lives today. The fact that it's a woman, and not a man, who's stuck at work and trying to get home is certainly a sign of the times."

Executive Producer Matt Dorff revealed that his inspiration for the story came from an Elvis Presley song. "It's one of my favorite Elvis holiday songs, a romantic ballad called 'If I Get Home On Christmas Day' about wanting to get home to your lover by Christmas," Dorff said. He added, "In the movie, we're rooting for this bride and groom to be reunited despite all the obstacles and comic craziness."

"It's basically a love story mixed with the John Hughes comedy 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' that happens at Christmas," director Michael Zinberg commented. "It's about two people who have everything come apart on them, and how they figure out the next step to take."

"A Christmas Wedding" is produced by Jim Head & Matt Dorff in association with Robert Greenwald Productions and Apollopromovie for Lifetime Television. Jim Head (Lifetime's "Intimate Stranger," "I Dream of Murder,"), Matt Dorff ("Nowhere to Land," Lifetime's "Lies My Mother Told Me") and Alys Shanti (Lifetime's "Beach Girls" and "Plain Truth") are executive producers. Michael Zinberg ("Lost," "Gilmore Girls") directs from a teleplay by Richard Cray ("Animal Attraction," "The Watcher") based on a story by Matt Dorff.

Lifetime is the leader in women's television and one of the top-rated basic cable television networks. A diverse, multi-media company, Lifetime is committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families. Lifetime Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women, Lifetime Home Entertainment and Lifetime Online are part of Lifetime Entertainment Services, a 50/50 joint venture of The Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company.

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